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Chapter 1044

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Chen Wu's worry is not unreasonable.

Although Chen DIANCANG caught Chen GE's parents and elder sister in Youlong Island, he didn't embarrass them during this period of time, and he took good care of them, which has always been his heart disease.

Although Chen DIANCANG promised him that he was a member of the Chen family, he was only a child adopted by Chen DIANCANG, and Chen Ge had the blood of the Chen family flowing in his body.

If Chen Ge is not removed, it is not sure that Chen Ge will take his place one day.

"Come in, you two." After thinking for a while, Chen Wu went to the door of the room and said to the two confidants standing outside.

"Brother Chen Wu." They came in and closed the door of the room.

"You all know that Chen GE has arrived at gongdao?" Chen Wu handed each of them a cigarette, lit one by himself, sat on the stool and asked.

"I know." They looked at each other.

"Tomorrow you go to gongdao to get rid of Chen Ge in person. Remember to do it quickly, and you'd better not let other people see it." Chen Wu squinted and whispered.

"But brother Chen Wu, isn't the news from the patriarch saying that you can't hurt him by testing Chen GE's strength?" Both of them are very confused. As Chen Wu's confidants, they naturally know Chen DIANCANG's order.

"I asked you to get rid of Chen Ge. Don't you understand me?" Chen Wu immediately frowned, "to tell you the truth, Chen GE's life is a threat to me. Only by letting him disappear completely in the world, can I be a member of the Chen family."

"I see!" When Chen Wu said that, they knew what he meant.

"Now that you know it, prepare for it. I hope to hear from you tomorrow that it's time to help me out of my troubles after you've been supporting me for so many years." Chen Wu took a puff of his cigarette and half of it burned out. He waved his hand.

"Good!" They didn't speak much. They both knew that Chen Wu was angry at this time.

After they left, Chen Wu felt a little more comfortable. These two self-developed confidants were not weak, and he was going to send them to represent the Chen family at the practitioners' meeting. As long as he could get a good place in the meeting, he would have a higher position in the Chen family.

In this way, we can hold the position of clan leader firmly in our hands step by step.

"Chen Ge, if you are in China all the time, I will not see you in the eye, but if you want to make trouble on Youlong Island, you will never come back." Chen Wu pinched the corner of the table and burst it.


Chen Ge was not affected by yesterday's situation.

On the contrary, the ordinary residents on Gong island are all careful. They all know that there is a grandson of the patriarch living on the island, and this grandson seems to have some grudges with the Chen family.

"From today on, it will be hard for you." Chen Ge called all the disciples of xuanyang palace to him and said to them in a deep voice.

"Don't worry, brother Chen, with us, you can definitely see the island. No matter who comes, you can be informed at the first time!" They all nodded in unison.

"Well, I'm relieved to have you here." Chen Ge nods with a smile.

After a few words, a dozen disciples of xuanyang palace went out. They were together and guarded around the island. After what happened yesterday, Chen Ge felt that Chen DIANCANG would not only test himself, but also send their Chen family members to trouble.

Chen Ge was not afraid, but worried that they would attack the people around him.

Just like the last time Liang Lu was captured by Chen Tianzhao, once this happens again, it will make her situation more difficult. Chen Ge can't put herself in this situation.

"What does the Chen family want to do? If they still welcome you as a grandson, they should invite you back. If they don't, they should send someone to drive you out. Why do they want to test your strength all the time?" Bai Xiaofei really does not understand Chen DIANCANG's practice and can't help asking.

"You ask me, I don't know." Chen Ge smiles and shakes his head.

He didn't know what Chen DIANCANG was thinking, but now he had no choice but to listen to each other. Only in this way could he have the chance to save his parents and sister.

"It can't be here all the time." Bai Xiaofei's stall.

"Let's take a look at the situation first. It's not bad for him to send someone here. We can gradually learn about the situation on Youlong island. When the time comes, it's time for us to do it." Chen Ge took a deep breath and said helplessly.

"You, you'd better protect Miss Liang Lu. She is your ultimate destination. Think about what happened two days ago. If Chen Ge hadn't found out in time, I'm afraid Liang Lu would have died now." After this period of time together, ghost operator and Bai Xiaofei are gradually familiar with each other, and they are not so unfamiliar and scrupulous as before. They often make fun of each other.

"She's just my employer. What's the end result?" On hearing this, Bai Xiaofei immediately blew up his hair and quickly explained.

If you have such an unruly girlfriend, it's better to be single all the time."OK, don't say these words at this time. It's better to have a rest when you have this time. If you don't have enough time, you will come into contact with the Chen family again." Chen Ge slightly frowned and interrupted them.

"You won't let me fight them."

"Xiao Fei has a point. He wants to protect Miss Liang Lu. I don't have any time. It doesn't make any difference whether I rest or not, but I have a new understanding of haixintu."

"What?" Chen Ge asked.

"I don't know if you've ever thought that there should be a specific location of Youlong island on the Haixin map, but why it's not on it." The ghost operator went to the door and closed it tightly.

"I don't know." Chen Ge shakes his head.

"I've been thinking about this all these days. Today, I suddenly have an idea that the place where we are is Youlong Island, because Haixin map points here." The ghost operator draws out the Sea Center map and points to the island marked in the middle of the map.

"You mean, on this island?" Chen Ge stamped his foot.

"Of course not. I mean whether Youlong island is the general name of this island. It doesn't refer to any specific island. It may be on our left or on our right, but it definitely doesn't refer to any specific one." The ghost operator reached out and drew a circle on the island in the middle of the map.

"Are they all Youlong island?" Hear the words of ghost operator, Chen Ge instantly frowned tightly.

The idea of ghost operator is beyond his expectation. Chen GE has never thought about it. , the fastest update of the webnovel!
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