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Chapter 954

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"Well, if you have anything to do with me, please call me."

Chen Ge again ordered Zhen Ji, then turned to leave the office.

After leaving the office, Chen Ge immediately drove to Wang Yun's residence.

On the way, Chen Ge didn't forget to call Wang Yun.

The phone was put through soon.

"Hello, Wang Yun, what are you looking for me for?"

Chen Ge curiously asked Wang Yun at the other end of the phone.

"Brother Chen, I have a good thing to do with you."

Wang Yun, who only listened to the phone, said excitedly to Chen Ge.

"Good thing? What good thing? "

Chen Ge is suspicious.

"Ha ha ha, I'll tell you when you see me!"

Wang Yun was a preacher.

Hearing this, Chen Ge couldn't help rolling his eyes. The boy also played with himself.

But Chen Ge didn't say anything. He knew that Wang Yun was such a person.

"Well, are you at home now? I'm on my way to your place now, and I'll be there in about ten minutes! "

Chen Ge was first asked by King Yun, and then he reminded him.

"So fast? Yes, I'm at home. "

Wang Yun was also surprised, and then immediately replied.

"OK, that's fine. I'll see you later."

Chen Ge responded and hung up the phone.

As soon as Chen Ge listens to Wang Yun's tone and reaction, he knows that he must be doing some messy things at home.

But Chen Ge doesn't want to be multi-disciplinary. After all, this is Wang Yun's own business.

Everyone has a different way of living.

Ten minutes later, Chen Ge arrived at Wang Yun's residence, a luxurious villa.

Stop the car, Chen Ge walked to the door, just met Wang Yun opened the door, holding a woman out.

Seeing this scene, Chen Ge also smiles helplessly in his heart. As expected by Chen Ge, Wang Yun is really doing those things.

Wang Yun saw off the women around him and then looked at Chen Ge.

"Ah, brother Chen, you are here!"

After seeing Chen Ge, Wang Yun got excited and came forward to open his arms.

Chen Ge and Wang Yun hugged each other.

"You boy day by day, be careful that you can't bear it!"

Chen Ge laughed and joked at Wang Yun.

"Well, how can I? My body is so good! I'm not afraid of two more! "

Wang Yun is very confident looking at Chen Ge said.

Chen Ge is also secretly laughing in his heart. Wang Yun is still the same as before, and his disposition has not changed.

Then, they entered the living room of the villa and sat down.

After Wang Yun poured Chen Ge a glass of red wine, they sat down and chatted.

"Wang Yun, come on, what's the matter with me? So mysterious? "

Chen Ge is also very direct, the king of the dynasty asked.

He has a good relationship with Wang Yun, so he doesn't have to hide and tuck in, just open up and say it.

"Brother Chen, it's like this. I found a place where I heard there are many treasures and objects. I hope you can explore with me and maybe get some good things."

Wang Yun didn't hesitate to tell the story directly.

After listening to Chen Hu Ge, I think it's a good place.


Chen Ge immediately asked Wang Yun.

"Hey, brother Chen, do you know Lingshan?"

Wang Yun deliberately sold a pass, looking at Chen Ge playfully asked.

After listening to Chen Ge, he first doubted for a while, then nodded.

"Yes, isn't that a tourist attraction? What's the matter? "

Chen Ge looked at Wang Yun curiously and replied that he didn't understand why Wang Yun was interested in a tourist attraction.

"Well, that's not true, brother Chen. You don't know. Although Lingshan is a tourist attraction, it actually has a deep cave, in which there are many treasures."

Wang Yun said, looking at Chen Ge with an excited expression on his face.

"And things like that, eh? No, Wang Yun. Who did you listen to? "

Chen Ge was also a little surprised, although he quickly responded and asked Wang Yun.

Since Wang Yun knew such a secret thing, someone must have told him. There must be some kind of secret in it.


Wang Yun hesitated for a moment and did not answer.

"Brother Chen, please tell me whether you want to go with me or not. If you want to go, I will tell you all about it."

After a pause, Wang Yun proposed to Chen Ge.Hearing Wang Yun's words, Chen Ge was even more suspicious. He felt that there must be something wrong with Wang Yun.

If I haven't been looking for myself for such a long time, I suddenly find myself this time, and I know such a secret thing. I must have some purpose.

"If you don't tell me the truth, I won't promise you!"

Chen Ge is also very direct looking at Wang Yun.

Although he has a good relationship with Wang Yun, Chen Ge will not agree to some things at will. He must think about it.


"Wang Yun, do you still think I am a brother? If it's a brother, tell me the truth. Where on earth did you hear such a secret thing? Who are you working with? "

Chen Ge continued to look at Wang Yun and asked.

Chen Ge knew that Wang Yun would never do this. He must have cooperated with others.

It's not clear whether the cooperation is good or not.

"Ding Dong!"

Without waiting for Wang Yun to open his mouth to answer Chen GE's words, he just heard the doorbell ring.

Wang Yun immediately got up and went to the door and opened it.

As soon as the door opened, a middle-aged man with a crutch and a woman in leather came in. They were followed by two bodyguards. Their identities were not simple.

"Brother Chen, let me introduce you to you. This is Mr. Lin Tianyuan, the chairman of the Nippon group, and Miss He Hui, his secretary. I work with them."

Then Wang Yuncai looked at Chen Ge and said.

Chen Ge immediately showed the color of doubt.

For this song, day transport group Chen Ge also has some understanding, specializing in mining oil, iron ore.

But this is what we can see on the surface. In fact, Chen Ge knows that the day transport group is doing something to excavate the treasure of the land.

But Chen Ge didn't expect Wang Yun to cooperate with the people of the Japan transportation group.

"I have heard of Mr. Chen GE's name for a long time. It's really extraordinary to see you today."

Lin Tianyuan smiles at Chen Ge and says hello.

"Ha ha, chairman Lin, you're welcome. I've heard about the strength of you and your Nippon group."

Chen Ge also responded politely.

"Brother Chen, chairman Lin has offered 30 million yuan this time. Let's help them go to Lingshan to explore the hidden cave. This is a good opportunity."

Wang Yun then went back to Chen GE's side and proposed. , the fastest update of the webnovel!
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