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Chapter 901

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"Hehe, brother Chen, don't forget that the fire ghost king is not a man now. He infiltrates people more than ghosts. Do you think he is afraid to hide here?"

Chen Ge chuckles, then reminds brother Chen again.

After listening, brother Chen also felt that what Chen Ge said was very reasonable.

"Then you can watch. I'll go first."

At this time, the old man preached to the three men.

"Good, old man, thank you very much."

Fan said to the old man in a hurry.

"No thanks, no thanks!"

The old man waved his hand in response.

After the old man left, Chen Ge three people stood in front of the wooden house at a loss.

They didn't know what to do. They couldn't get into the wooden house in front of them, and they didn't know how to get into the house.

"Brother Chen, governor Li, what shall we do now? Kick the door? "

Brother Chen asked Chen Ge and fan Lao.

"Ah, it's not right to break into a private house without making fun of it!"

Mr. Fan immediately said to brother Chen.

Although Feng Yunxiang is no longer alive, the house is still hers, so they can't break into it.

"What shall we do? We don't have a key? "

Brother Chen is also a helpless sigh.

"Let's wait until the evening to see if we can wait here until the appearance of the fire ghost king!"

Later, Chen Ge would open his mouth to propose.

According to Chen Ge, the three people directly waited here.

This wait lasted several hours.

Until eight o'clock in the evening, Chen Ge did not wait for the appearance of the fire ghost king.

There was darkness and silence all around.

Such a dark environment can really make people have a great sense of fear.

In addition to Chen Ge, Yang Dong and fan both shrunk their necks and tightened their clothes.

"Brother Chen, it's been waiting for such a long time. It's so dark. Do we have to wait?"

Brother Chen looks at Chen Ge and asks.

"Yes, Chen Ge, or we'd better go back to the car. At least it's better than being frozen here!"

Old fan on one side also hastily looked at Chen Ge and suggested.

After listening to Chen Ge, he also nodded his approval.

Seeing Chen GE's agreement, fan and brother Chen suddenly had a surprise in their hearts.

Then, the three immediately got up to leave.

Just then, a light came up from the woods.

After the light came on, Chen Ge three people's attention and vigilance, three people immediately squatted down again.

"Three young men?"

Then came the voice of the old man before.

After hearing the old man's voice, Chen Ge three people were relieved.

Who do they think it is? It's the old man before.

Chen GE's three men immediately came out of the grass.

"Uncle, why do you come out and wander around so late?"

Fan asked the old man with a puzzled look.

"I see you are here all the time, so I come to see you!"

The old man replied to fan with a smile.

"We're OK. We're waiting for someone here!"

Fan also quickly explained to the old man that he didn't want to let him see anything unusual.

"Ah, it's so late. You can't wait. Come to me and have a rest."

The eldest brother sighed and then proposed to the three men.

After hearing this, fan immediately turned his head and looked at Chen Ge, trying to ask Chen GE's opinion.

Chen Ge saw the situation and nodded slightly.

At present, they had no other way but to settle down at the old man's house for the time being.

It's so dark outside, and it's not very safe. Who knows what's going to happen outside.

After saying that, Chen Ge three people then followed the old man to leave the wooden house.

The old man took Chen Ge to his home. The old man's house was not very old and looked like it had been rebuilt before.

"Uncle, are you the only one living in this village now?"

When he came to the eldest brother's house, Mr. Fan asked curiously.

"Ha ha!"

The old man chuckled softly.

"Yes, others have already moved to the city. I live here alone!"

After a smile, the old man replied to old fan.

"Why don't you go to live in the city? How comfortable it is to live in the city? "

Fan continued.

"Well, I'm alone and have no children. I don't want to live in the city. It's good to live here. I'm used to it!"The boss gave a bitter smile and preached.

I can hear that the old man's words are helpless.

Yes, I'm old. I don't even have a family member. It's really lovely.

However, maybe this is the fate of the old man. He is destined to live in this deep mountain for a lifetime. It is still very good to land in the root.

"By the way, young man, who are you here to wait for?

Later, the eldest brother asked fan again.

"Uncle, do you know that Feng Yunxiang's grandson is called the fire ghost king?"

After a pause, he asked the old man.

After listening to the old man, he was immediately stunned, and then immediately answered: "yes, you say the fire ghost king, that young man is still very good. He paid for my house to rebuild. He used to be good. Sometimes he would come here to live with his grandmother, and occasionally he would come to play with me."

"But.. He has never been back since his grandmother died

The old man sighed as he spoke.

"Oh? Uncle, do you feel something wrong these days? Or is there any news coming from Grandma Feng Yunxiang's wooden house? "

Then fan asked the old man.

Since the old man knows the fire ghost king, the number given by the fire ghost king must not be so simple.

"I didn't hear that. Every day I went up and down the mountain, I passed by the wooden house, and I never heard anything about it."

The old man told old fan.

"What's the matter with all this talk? What's wrong with the fire ghost king? "

The old man did not understand.

"It's OK, uncle. We are all friends of the fire ghost king, but we can't find anyone else in this period of time, so I want to come here and see if he is here!"

Fan quickly found a reason to explain to the old man.

"Oh, so it is."

After listening, the old man did not have any doubt, but nodded his head.

Until late at night, Chen Ge and the three sat in the room.

But that night, none of them went to bed.

It's not that they don't want to sleep, but they don't dare to.

After all, no one knows what will happen when they fall asleep, let alone whether the fire ghost king will appear.


Just at this moment, I heard the door open.

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