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Chapter 879

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The three opened the door of the banquet hall and went in.

With Zhen Ji and Gu Ruo Ting's entry, immediately attracted the eyes of all inside.

"Here comes Zhen Da Mei!"

After a while, an excited man's voice began to ring.

Then, a man in a blue suit came over in a hurry and came to Chen Ge.

"Zhen Ji, you are coming. I'm waiting for you."

Blue suit man full of smile at Zhen Ji said hello, eyes revealed a strong joy.

This is the monitor of Zhen Ji University, whose name is Qi Xiaoyun.

"Ha ha, the monitor's words are heavy. If I'm absent, the students' party will be lively."

Zhen Ji is a light smile way.

Looking at Qi Xiaoyun in front of her eyes, Zhen Ji feels that she is just as annoying as before.

The most important thing is that Qi Xiaoyun has been calling herself Zhen Ji, which makes Zhen Ji uncomfortable. After all, her relationship with Qi Xiaoyun is not so good, and they are not particularly familiar with each other.

However, due to so many people, Zhen Ji has no way to say anything. She is all classmates, and there is no need to lose face.

"Ah, Zhen Ji, what you said is wrong. If you don't come, what's the meaning of our classmate party?"

Qi Xiaoyun quickly seized the opportunity and said to Zhen Ji.

Chen Ge, standing on one side, has been staring at Qi Xiaoyun, thinking that Qi Xiaoyun is too good at pretending.

In fact, Chen Ge can see that Qi Xiaoyun's intention is not to get Zhen Ji.

Unfortunately, Chen Ge won't give him this chance.

"Zhen Ji, is this the monitor you mentioned before?"

Chen Ge comes forward on purpose and hugs Zhen Ji. He asks Zhen Ji with a smile. He wants to show Qi Xiaoyun that Zhen Ji is his own woman.

Zhen Ji saw Chen GE's move, not surprisingly, but felt very warm and secure in her heart.

"Mm-hmm, yes, he is my monitor, Qi Xiaoyun!"

Zhen Ji a pair of lovely and lovely appearance nestles on Chen GE's shoulder to answer a way.

Seeing this scene, Qi Xiaoyun was immediately dumbfounded. He didn't expect such a situation to happen.

"Zhen Ji.".. This is it

After a pause, Qi Xiaoyun asked Zhen Ji in embarrassment.

Without waiting for Zhen Ji to open her mouth, Chen Ge looked at Qi Xiaoyun with a smile and said, "Hello, monitor. I'm Zhen Ji's boyfriend. My name is Chen Ge."

Hearing this, Qi Xiaoyun was shocked.

He didn't expect Zhen Ji to have a boyfriend. He didn't expect to bring her boyfriend to the classmate party.

Don't mention Qi Xiaoyun. Other students around him are also shocked.

They all know how crazy Qi Xiaoyun was to pursue Zhen Ji, but she has always been rejected by her.

But now Zhen Ji has a boyfriend. How can it surprise them and wonder what kind of character Chen Ge is and how can she win Zhen Ji's heart.

Qi Xiaoyun was very upset at this time, but he couldn't express it. He could only pretend to be OK.

"Hello, Hello!"

Qi Xiaoyun smiles and greets Chen Ge.

Then, the student union officially began.

They all sat down, eating, drinking and chatting.

Chen Ge and Zhen Ji and Gu Ruo Ting are sitting at the same table, and of course there is Qi Xiaoyun.

"Come on, brother Chen. I'd like to toast you!"

At this time, Qi Xiaoyun took the initiative to stand up, took up the glass, and toasted Chen Ge with a smile.

Chen Ge saw this, but also politely stood up, and returned to Qi Xiaoyun: "ha ha, thank you, monitor!"

With that, the two drank at the same time.

"Hehe, brother Chen is a good drinker. It seems that he does not drink less at ordinary times."

Seeing Chen GE's refreshing finish, Qi Xiaoyun began to laugh and joked.

"No, I don't drink wine at ordinary times. I only drink two drinks. I don't have a good capacity for alcohol."

Chen Ge is very modest to respond to Qi Xiaoyun.

Chen Ge can tell that Qi Xiaoyun is actually testing himself. However, since people want to test themselves, Chen Ge certainly has to pretend to cooperate with others. He wants to see what Qi Xiaoyun wants to do.

"Well, brother Chen has to be a little bit more today. After all, you are Zhen Ji's boyfriend. It's not easy to be Zhenji's boyfriend. I don't know where Chen brothers are now?"

At this time, Qi Xiaoyun began to ask Chen Ge.

After hearing this, we can see that we must start to compare with each other. It seems that Qi Xiaoyun wants to find a little confidence and advantage from other aspects of himself.

However, no matter what Qi Xiaoyun did, it was useless, because Chen Ge felt that he had no way to compare with himself and was not at the same level."Ha ha, the monitor is joking. I don't dare to be a senior. I just do a little business by myself."

Chen Ge is very indifferent to a smile, looking at Qi Xiaoyun response way.

After hearing this, Qi Xiaoyun was overjoyed, thinking about what kind of occupation he was. He had no way to compare with himself.

"Brother Chen is modest. Come on, brother Chen, let's have another drink!"

Qi Xiaoyun is also holding up a glass of wine and toasting Chen Ge. He wants to make Chen Ge drunk.

Chen Ge certainly won't let Qi Xiaoyun succeed, because Chen GE's drinking capacity is not what Qi Xiaoyun can imagine.

Soon, the first stage of the reunion was over.

After the dinner party is over, of course, entertainment is the next step.

"Fellow students, I've nearly contracted the entertainment hall upstairs. Please go up and have fun. I'll pay for all the expenses tonight!"

Just listen to Qi Xiaoyun and shout to the students around.

Hearing this, all the students around him also yelled loudly, which immediately made Qi Xiaoyun feel very good and felt that he was the moment of attention.

Then, they came to the entertainment hall upstairs.

Chen Ge is sitting on one side of the sofa with Zhen Ji and Gu Ruo ting.

"Zhen Ji, you monitor is very generous."

After sitting down, Chen Ge couldn't help joking to Zhenji.

In fact, Chen GE's words are full of ridicule. In fact, he knows that Qi Xiaoyun is trying to show himself, make himself the focus, and make everyone feel that he is successful.

Zhen Ji did not speak after listening, and she was not interested in Qi Xiaoyun.

At this time, Qi Xiaoyun came to Chen Ge.

"Brother Chen, why are you sitting here? Would you like to go bowling with me

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