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Chapter 809

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Since Chen Xiao was caught in the Qin family of Jieyu, he has suffered a lot every day.

But her heart is still strong, she believes that one day her brother Chen Ge will come to save her from leaving.

And when that day comes, she has to live strong.

But the day will come soon.

Chen GE has reached the boundary.

The reason why he didn't entangle with Ma yongxinduo is that he has something more important to do, that is to rescue his sister Chen Xiao.

Now, Chen GE has entered the realm of Jiupin Lunwang, which is the strength of half a foot stepping into the realm of real people.

Therefore, he was not afraid to deal with the Qin family. He must save his sister.

In the city of Baidi.

Chen Ge walked alone in a long robe on the streets of the town.

The crowd is in a hurry on the street, and there are rich and prosperous people everywhere. It is enough to show how rich the people in the boundary are.

"Well, did you hear that? The Qin family is going to prepare their birthday party in Jingyu Pavilion! "

"Yes? Let's go and have a look

At this time, when Chen Ge passed by a pair of young rich children, he heard a situation that attracted his attention.

Qin family is going to hold a party!!

This is a good thing for Chen Ge.

Originally he came here to visit the Qin family. Now when such a good thing happens, let the Qin family lead the way.

Just in time, he can also send Qin family a meeting gift.

After that, Chen Ge went to Jingyu pavilion with the young and rich children.

Jingyu Pavilion is the most prosperous place in Baidi city. Only the children of rich families can enter it.

Of course, entering Jingyu Pavilion is not a difficult task for Chen Ge.

Chen Ge jumps in from the back door of Jingyu Pavilion and walks carefully through the hall. Quietly, he comes to the banquet hall without any attention.

At the moment, the whole banquet hall is full of people.

The people who came here are some of the rich children of the Baidi City, or some of the people with height and power.

"Qin Yu flies, Qin Shao arrives!"

I just heard a loud voice.

Sound down, people present.

Once wearing sunglasses and wearing white brocade, the youth came out from behind the curtain.

He is Qin Yufei, the youngest of Qin family in Baidi city.

Qin Yufei is also accompanied by two dark skinned men. They are cold and fierce, and their posture is strong. At a glance, they feel that their strength is not simple.

Chen Ge sees this and thinks that the two dark men must be Qin Yufei's bodyguards, and their strength is at least in the fourth grade wheel king.

Boundaries are not equivalent to other places.

There are many strong people in the realm, which can be described as strong as clouds, and the strong ones in Lunwang realm are more common.

This is why boundaries are so mysterious and powerful.

Qin Yufei, Qin Dashao, is a monk of Jiupin and has not entered the realm of Lunwang.

But in Chen GE's eyes, sooner or later, these people are a cold corpse.

Qin Yufei's arrival, the whole banquet hall was suddenly silent. Everyone dared to make a voice again. They were all staring at Qin Yufei.

The momentum of the Qin family is still very strong. After all, no one is willing to offend the Qin family.

"Everyone, welcome to my birthday party of Qin Yufei. Today, I will pay for the party. You can enjoy yourself

Qin Yufei is very generous and generous, and shouts to the people below.

The crowd cheered in an instant.

Chen Ge is always in the dark, silently watching all this.

His birthday is not the birthday of Qin Yufei.

When the banquet officially began, everyone was immersed in the joy of drinking and drinking. Qin Yufei didn't realize that the danger was coming to him.

As the saying goes, it's time to get down to business.

At this time, from the ceiling of the banquet hall, a strong figure flashed down and landed steadily on a wine table.


The table was in two at once, and the guests sitting on the edge fled in horror.

The huge movement completely disrupted the original party's cheerful atmosphere and became full of gunpowder.

"Who are you? How dare you destroy Ben Shao's birthday party

Qin Yufei immediately got up and stood up, his eyes were sharp, and he was staring at Chen Ge angrily.


Chen Ge disdains a sneer, slowly takes off his Hoodie, reveals his true face.

"Qin Da Shao's noodles are really enough. You can enjoy it!"

"Who are you?"

Qin Yufei stares at Chen Ge again."Chen Ge!"

Chen Ge said his name directly and decisively.


In an instant, Qin Yufei's face suddenly changed. He was surprised and surprised, but he was more disdainful.

He didn't expect that the man in front of him was Chen Ge, the wild man who abducted his sister Su Muhan.

"Oh! Who should I be? It turned out to be the wild man who abducted my sister. I can't believe that you dare to come to the boundary alone. You are really impatient to live! "

Qin Yufei sneers at Chen Ge insult.

"Ha ha ha ha, Qin Dashao, if I dare to come alone, it means that I don't pay attention to your Qin family. I give you a chance to let your people bring my sister here. I can choose to spare you a life and let you be a waste man. Otherwise, I will wash the whole Qin family in blood."

Hearing Qin Yufei's words, Chen Ge didn't get angry. Instead, he looked up and laughed. Then his face became very gloomy. He stabbed Qin Yufei's heart.

Chen Ge is not joking. The Qin family made his brother lose his eyes, his parents lost his legs, and he caught his sister. This kind of hatred can not be easily eliminated.

Qin family, will die!

This is the purpose of Chen GE's coming to the boundary.

"Arrogant boy, you really don't pay attention to my Qin family. My Qin family kills you like a chicken!"

Qin Yufei was furious and thought Chen Ge was too arrogant.

"Yes? Killing chickens? Let's see who killed whom

Chen Ge gives a contemptuous glance at the corner of his mouth.

Voice down, Chen Ge suddenly released their own strong killing intention and true gas.

At that time, Qin Yufei suddenly turned pale. He felt a strong pressure and tightening in his mind, which made him out of breath.

"Poof! Poof! Poof

Many people around him died in blood, unable to bear Chen GE's true spirit.

How can these ordinary people resist the Qi of Jiupin Lunwang?

"And.. What are you doing.. Give it to me

Qin Yufei tried to bear his discomfort and snapped at the two dark men around him.

To order, two guards double double arched to pop up, a momentum toward Chen Ge rushed. , the fastest update of the webnovel!
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