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Chapter 571

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"Stone tablet?"

"Yes, there is a picture carved on it, which seems to record an event of that year. Later, I also studied it for many days. Besides, I can see that this is a mural depicting the burial scene of that year. I really don't understand the rest of the words. After so many years, I have long lost my curiosity about the events of that year and regard it as an ancient Dong art The art is stored in my secret room

Said the ghost operator.

Murals again?

As soon as Chen Ge heard the murals, he could not help but associate the contents with what he saw in the ancient tombs on that day.

Ancient murals have a long history, which is closely related to people's beliefs, customs and aesthetic concepts in various historical periods, and also reflects the political, economic, literary, artistic and technological development level of the society at that time.

Often these murals, not only the height of the temple, but also the distance between the lake and the lake, depict vivid scenes of ancient life for later generations, and tell moving stories in another way.

It's like the ancient tomb of the general of God, which describes in detail some interesting stories from the discovery of the general to his burial.

Many clues to the sun alliance are found in these murals.

"I once found an old friend to see the way of burial shown on the murals. He said that this is a different form of sea burial!"

The ghost operator thought for a while, and then said.

"Sea burial?"

Chen GE's heart has a kind of intuition, should not, with the sea king tomb?

"Fang, can I have a look?"

"If master Chen Ge is interested, of course you can!"

The ghost operator made a please gesture.

He took Chen Ge all the way to the backyard of the mountain, a secret room of his practice.

The whole chamber is made of bluish marble. It is about five feet long and three feet wide. There is nothing in the dark room. Only a square table is placed in the center. There is an oil lamp on the table. The big flame of beans jumps from time to time, sending out a faint light.

Beside the chamber of secrets, there are six ancient stone tablets.

It's covered with moss.

These are six murals.

Chen Ge takes an oil lamp from the ghost operator's hand and comes to the mural, watching carefully.

Chen Ge found that the words on it were the same as those seen in ancient tombs before.

I think it's from the same time as those murals.

Chen Ge looked carefully and was more surprised to find that the mural It's like the scene when a woman in white is buried?

He was so tight that he did not dare to leave any trace.

At that time, the village was isolated from the rest of the world. It was only a small fishing city.

It is said on the mural that one morning, a strange line of troops appeared here.

Because they were carrying a huge coffin.

The leader was the old man in a long robe.

, as like as two peas in the tomb, the old beggar who was later reappeared in that tomb was dressed exactly the same.

It's him again!

What should be told is that after he made the woman in white separate from the general, he took the coffin of the woman in white and came here.

Chen GE has been more and more sure that the coffin is a woman in white.

And here is the real destination of women in white.

According to the mural, people from the fishing village came back that day and were very surprised that the old man had escorted the coffin to this place.

The old patriarch of the fishing village came to ask who was in the coffin.

The old beggar replied, a fairy from the sky!

At present, all the people in the fishing village kneel down to the coffin.

The old patriarch asked afterwards, "what are you doing here?"?

The old beggar said that she would be buried here, and threw a lot of gold and silver to the patriarch. He asked him to mobilize the local farmers to go to sea to build a submarine mausoleum.

At that time, every household was given too much gold and silver.

In addition, it is to build tombs for fairies, so it is very hot.

All the people from the surrounding fishing villages also participated.

In a short period of time, 8000 old and young people gathered.

They went to sea one after another to build tombs for fairies.

And named the fairy palace, not the sea palace as it is now.

About half a year, under the command of the old man, the fairy palace was finally completed.

At that time, everyone was amazed that this was a great submarine project, which was amazing to nature and man.

Soon, it was the day when the woman in white was buried.

The second mural.

It's about the burial of a woman in white. It was a terrible rainstorm that day.

On this trip, the old man took only 36 people.

Because they stand in four rows on the ship's board, nine people in each row, at a glance.

Thirty seven people, including the elderly, went to the fairy palace in the storm.But while resting on an island halfway up the road, something happened.

The third mural.

It's about a very large ship.

, as like as two peas, had been seen in the tomb murals.

In particular, this monstrous looking ship is flying over the island.

At that time, thirty-six people thought it was the God who came down to earth.

They kneel down in fear.

From the ship, a man in a black robe and a strange mask came down and pointed to the fairy coffin.

See here, Chen GE's nerves are particularly tense.

Because looking at the description, it seems that Lan Jie can see them from the sun map.

Is it possible that in the near future, they will be killed by the people of the sun League?

Chen Ge frowned and continued to watch.

These people, it seems, are going to take the coffin.

Next, the old beggar jumped onto the ship and stepped in.

The fourth mural.

It's about the old beggar taking the people and going on. The old beggar's going to the warship is omitted here.

It's just that they came to the fairyland palace.

However, Chen Ge found a strange phenomenon, the original 36 people, now, has become 27 people, less than nine people.

Where are those people?

Chen Ge did not dwell on the issue.

Because of the following content on the mural, Chen Ge felt a bit unreal.

Here, they came to the bottom of the fairy palace, but they met a seriously injured dragon, rolling in the sea.

Or just above the fairyland palace.

In order to relieve its pain, the old beggar broke its head and ended his life.

Next, there was heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

The ship was about to be overturned.

They were so scared that they kowtowed on the deck.

The fifth fresco.

That is to say, the fairy coffin was sent down by diving and buried here with the body of the dragon.

It depicts some information about fairyland palace. On the sea floor, it is built like a dragon palace on the sea floor.

If it wasn't for that old beggar, I'm afraid no one could go down and stay for such a long time.

Because there is an account here. Before entering the sea, the old beggar gave these people something.

The sixth mural.

This makes Chen Ge feel very strange.

Because when people came up, they returned to the deck and pulled out a coffin.

This is a crystal coffin.

Not really. Chen Ge speculates that it should not be an adult corpse.

The people are watching carefully.

But at this time, a person is not careful, did not hold.

The coffin was knocked over


And here, the murals are over.

Chen Ge guessed that this should be among the 36 people on the ship, and some of them described the process at that time.

But Chen Ge is strange, where does this pair of small crystal coffin come from?

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