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Chapter 560

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Chen DIANCANG is embarrassed with Chen Jindong.

To tell you the truth, Chen DIANCANG did lose his temper today.

But there was no way. He was about to join the covenant of holy water and could not come back alive.

But his granddaughter has his own eyes.

It's just God's eye opener.

We can imagine how excited Chen DIANCANG is now.

But now I see Qin LAN coming.

He was a little ashamed.

Ah LAN, but the daughter-in-law of their Chen family.

Over the years, the Chen family's affairs depend on her.

"Oh, I don't know. Just looking at the girl is really cute, so I'll hold it and play with it!"

Chen DIANCANG said awkwardly.

And Qin LAN, did not speak, just silently nodded.

She also had a piece of white paper in her hand.

"Alan, what can I do for you

Chen DIANCANG handed the rice to Chen Jindong.

Restore the owner's position.

"A few days ago, when I looked at the sun chart, there was a strange picture and text in the picture, because the song asked me to help me find the whereabouts of the woman in white. The sun map, it seems, has appeared a guide!"

Qin Lan said.

Since the last time he found that ah Lan's eyes seemed to have functions that ordinary people do not have, Chen DIANCANG gave Qin LAN the power to take charge of the sun map of Chen family.

"There is guidance?"

Chen DIANCANG frowned, "OK, let's go to the study for discussion."

In the study.

Qin LAN opens the white scroll.

Chen DIANCANG and Chen Ge can see that there is a picture on it.

"The woman in white seems to have something to do with Xiaoge. Yesterday, Xiaoge asked me to look for the whereabouts of the woman in white with the help of the sun chart. I asked several times, but the sun chart finally showed this pattern."

"Xiaoge, you are so anxious to find a woman in white. Is this trip to the desert? Did you find any major clues?"

Qin LAN asked.

"I haven't had time to tell you that this trip to the desert, what happened, made me feel strange, including the prophecy of my death, but all involved the woman in white. I feel that as long as I find the whereabouts of the woman in white, the mystery in my heart will be solved! "

Chen gedao.

He was about to tell his grandfather about the general.

But it was just then.

Chen Ge looks at the pattern and frowns.

"Strange, this pattern, how I feel so familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere!"

Chen Ge murmured.

"Xiaoge, have you seen this pattern?"

Chen DIANCANG is also Tao.

Chen Ge frowned and pondered for a while.

A sudden awakening.

"Zhao Yifan

He looked up suddenly.

LAN elder sister looks at Chen Ge curiously.

"By the way, this is the pattern. It looks like the jade symbol hanging from Zhao Yifan's neck, especially like it!"

Chen Ge said.

"Hiss, I remember. It seems that this jade symbol is also hanging in the neck of rice!"

Chen DIANCANG said.

Chen Ge took the white roll and rushed to Zhao Yifan's room.

"Xiaoge, you are willing to meet me at last!"

Zhao Yifan cried.

Chen Ge grabs the jade symbol in Zhao Yifan's neck and makes a careful comparison.

it looks as like as two peas.

"Really! I ask you, where is the jade symbol in your neck

Chen Ge asked.

"I I don't know! "

Zhao Yifan looks flustered and shakes his head in a hurry.

"Do you say so?"

Chen Ge drinks cold.

"Xiaoge, as long as you promise to take me in, I'll say it all!"

Zhao Yifan takes Chen GE's arm.

"Say it

Chen Ge pushed her hand away.

Zhao Yifan wiped his tears and began to tell.

"We have to start with the night we were in the Bay Hotel..."

Listening to her story, Chen Ge understood.

That night, Chen Ge was drugged by Zhao Yifan.

At that time, according to Zhao Yifan's plan, she really wanted to make friends with Chen Ge.

The best is Chen Ge hit in the toilet, since then, he will be able to enter the real rich.

It's too late, my aunt!

At the beginning, Zhao Yifan hated him, and he couldn't smoke his own big mouth.

So, it didn't work.

Of course, the blood was smeared on the sheets.So Zhao Yifan said it was that kind of blood with this kind of blood.

Cheat Chen Ge.

Chen Ge remembered to go to Su Muhan and gave him 80 million yuan to live in other places.

At that time, Zhao Yifan hated and was angry.

I love you so much, are you doing this to me?

Zhao Yifan is very sad.

She decided to make a fuss and go straight to where the Chen family was.

She chartered a cruise ship to go to Chen GE's sister's Island.

But the island, how can't be found.

Soon, it was late at night.

Zhao Yifan looked at the vast sea, nothing, the sea breeze is also howling.

Ready to return disappointed.

But at this time, it was a few strange ships.

Zhao Yifan tried to ask them.

Those people agreed to take Zhao Yifan to Chen Xiao's Island.

But they lied, did not take themselves away, but deceived themselves to a strange coast.

That family is called Ming family.

That's why I cheated myself.

In that strange city, Zhao Yifan was frightened and afraid.

Fortunately, although Mingyi is not a good man, he didn't dare to use Qiang when he heard that he was pregnant. It seems that there are many rules for this kind of thing.

I promised that after a year, the baby was born, I would marry him, and he relaxed his vigilance against me.

Of course, pregnant. I lied to him.

After the matter is simple, Zhao Yifan to find a chance to escape.

I heard of an able man named Mr. ghost, who knows astronomy and geography and can calculate.

It does not belong to any party.

So Zhao Yifan went to him for help.

Of course, the price is 60 million.

At that time, Zhao Yifan had no money in his mind. How could he escape?

So I still thought of Chen Ge and went back to Chen family.

He told Zhao Yifan that one way was that the Ming family had a pair of jade talismans dug out of the tomb of the sea king in the early years. These jade Charms had the function of drawing blood.

In short, it can connect the blood of three people with two teams of jade symbols.

But that night, he left in a hurry. He didn't have any hair on his body. The only thing was Chen GE's coat. He had his clothes. He was going to find Chen Xiao at that time.

Mr. GUI said that although the effect would be weaker, ordinary instruments could not see it at all.

Therefore, Zhao Yifan stole the pair of jade Fu, and from the orphanage to find a suitable baby, all the way to escape here.

Even the location of the Chen family was calculated by Mr. ghost.

Mr. ghost also said that he was born to be a noble woman.

And then there's the scene.

Zhao Yifan fled a year ago and hid around for half a year before he arrived at the Chen family safely.

Because the Ming family is searching for its own whereabouts.

After listening to Zhao Yifan.

Chen Ge understood.

So here's the question.

LAN elder sister said that the sun chart indicated this jade symbol several times.

Can we say that the whereabouts of the woman in white has something to do with the jade amulet and the ancient tomb where it is located? , the fastest update of the webnovel!
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