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Chapter 340

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Su Muhan was also surprised.

"How could it be? I didn't take it at all

"Now that all the evidence is available, you still want to deny it! Hehe, it's interesting

Yang Huali said.

"Mu Han, I have always admired you, but now you really let me down. If you like, you can tell me!"

Xiaoyun said in disbelief.

"I didn't, I didn't!"

Su Muhan shook his head one after another.

"That's right. I'll tell you that Yang Huali, Mu Han's boyfriend is the richest man in Jinling. What does she want and will steal other people's rings?"

Su Mengmeng road.

"Ha ha ha ha, I'm so scared that I'm the richest man in Jinling!"

Yang Huali covered his mouth and laughed.

"But anyway, stealing is stealing. We will report to the director tomorrow! Let's go! In vain, you are still the director's favorite person. Ha ha, there will be a big event in Hong Kong * TV station tomorrow. How can you explain it? "

Yang Huali turns around and directly pulls Xiaoyun away.

And Ma Nan, at the moment, looked at Su Mu Han with a complicated look, then bit his lips and left.

"Mu Han, how could this happen? We all believe you won't take it, but the question is, we've been in the dorm, who put the ring under your pillow! "

Of course, Su Mengmeng and they all know who Muhan's boyfriend is, and even if they don't know, they also know what Mu Han is.

"I know who let it, but she didn't mean to hurt me!"

Su Mu Han has tears in his eyes.

Yeah, how could she not see what the whole thing was like?

But Su Muhan did not understand why Ma Nan wanted to help Yang Huali frame himself?

When Yang Huali bullied her, didn't she all stand up to help her?

And Su Mengmeng and they know who it is.

"Damn it, I'll go and settle with her, heartless thing!"

Su Mengmeng and Wu Wenwen are a little anxious.

"Forget it, it's no use looking for her. Since someone can persuade her to frame me, he will not let Ma Nan tell the truth! What's more, it's a well designed set! Even if it doesn't work this time, and next time, she won't let me compete with her smoothly! "

Su Muhan sat on the bed depressed.

"Mu Han, or call Chen Ge. Yang Huali is a local and has a complicated relationship. You can't fight her. If you look at her, you can make Ma Nan listen to her! To put it bluntly, it's just that you can't take part in the competition. You'd better send you back to Jinling. "

Su Mengmeng said worried.

"I know, Meng Meng, don't worry about this matter. The person she wants to deal with is me. Don't let you get involved. At the TV conference tomorrow, it is said that a mysterious big man is coming. You should rest early and prepare well."

With that, Su Muhan lay down.

Although the mouth is strong, but after all is also a girl, in the outside weak, even a pain of the people are not.

At this moment, she couldn't help thinking of Chen Ge.

If Chen Ge is there, he will accompany himself in whatever happens.

If he knew that he had something to do, he would come here as soon as possible.

Su Muhan can't help but call Chen Ge and cry with him.

It's not so easy for a girl to be outside.

But when I think of Qin Ya's words, if I look for Chen Ge for everything, what else can I do for Chen Ge besides her beauty?

What you should do is to be the woman behind Chen Ge, not a beautiful vase, isn't it?

This night, Su Muhan did not sleep much.

Until the next morning.

Because of the big events on TV.

So they all have to go over early to prepare and arrange the meeting place.

The Hong Kong * TV station, together with the TV stations in Nanyang area, as well as many joint TV stations in Huaxia, are under the unified jurisdiction of a group.

It's very powerful.

What is even more unimaginable is that some people rumor that the boss of the TV Group is actually a girl of not too old age, with a special background.

And this is a very powerful TV group. In fact, in the eyes of the boss, it's just a drop in the bucket. No, it's not even a dime.

It's very evil.

But we are not clear about the specific situation, after all, no one has seen it.

Therefore, TV stations pay more attention to a certain level.

Even the tables and chairs placed in the general assembly hall are accurate to millimeter, and can not be tilted at all.

We can imagine the importance.

And this TV Festival, the big stars from all over the country will also participate in it. It can be said that it is very lively.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!

In the early morning when everyone is carefully arranged.Director Hou clapped his hands, so that the interns and staff all put down the work in hand.

"Come here, everyone. I have something to announce!"

Dozens of people gathered together.

"Because the person who came here today is really too special, so our staff must be more careful when they work!"

"What's more, I've decided to choose one of our interns from this period, and pay special attention to it. This is to interact with this big man!"

Director Hou was also very nervous.

"Gorgeous, we support you!"

At this time, a group of people on the scene yelled.

As for them, they are all well-known, rich and young, and they are obviously here to accompany Yang Huali. Naturally, they also have the qualification to enter the venue.

In fact, up to now, many people have already arrived.

Even Yanjing, many of the big men of Mordo also came.

The corner of Hou's mouth twitched for a moment, and then he said with an embarrassed smile, "I decided to study with the TV station and let Su Muhan take the post!"

"Muhan, you have to refuel!"

Director Hou has high hopes.

Mu Suhan nodded.

"Well, I don't agree!"

Yang Huali's face turned green. There is no doubt that who was elected this time is the first sister of the intern.

So, of course, Yang Huali was in a hurry.

"Gorgeous, you have other tasks. What do you disagree with?"

Director Hou knew the origin of Yang Huali, so he didn't dare to be too strict.

"I don't mean that I want to be elected. I mean, anyone can be elected, that is, the thief should not be allowed to go. Otherwise, it would be an insult to others!"

Yang Huali said.

"What thief? What are you talking about? " Director Hou said sternly.

"Speaking of it, I was about to report it to you. Last night, Su Muhan stole the diamond ring given to her by Xiaoyun's boyfriend. We all saw it, and everyone got it!"

Yang Huali said.

The girls nodded.

To tell you the truth, no one would believe it was true without seeing it with their own eyes.

"With this, Su Muhan has no face to go up!"

"That's right. How can you get such people on?"

"Wipe, just blow out, and steal. What a shame!"

"Yes, we interns, let her lose all of them!"

Many interns, one of the girls, envy Su Muhan at the moment are coax way.

"I didn't steal, I didn't..."

In the face of others' scorn and accusation, Su Mu Han said. , the fastest update of the webnovel!
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