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Chapter 300

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Now, Chen GE has received a call from Yang Xiaoru, knowing that Yang Hui and Li Bin have an accident.

He rushed to the hospital.

"What's going on?"

Looking at Yang Hui and Li Bin who was beaten seriously, Chen Ge asked anxiously.

"We don't know. It's a group of people who fight when they see us. We've never seen them before, but it looks like they're coming for you, so I want to remind you!"

Yang Hui said.

For yourself?

Chen Ge was surprised.

"Who would it be?"

"Brother Chen Ge, my classmates told us that it was a girl in our department who instructed them to play Huige binge. Her name was Yang Lu. She was very domineering. All those people were yelled by her!"

"What? Yang Lu

Chen Ge is more surprised.

Just now he has heard the description of Yang Hui and Li Bin.

This group of people is not simple. They are not ordinary social gangsters. Moreover, they drive Maybach and are well-trained. They are like bodyguards in the family.

Yang Lu?

How can this be possible? Yang Xuejia and Chen Ge also know how to have such bodyguards?

But in this way, one thing is certain.

That is, Yang Lu did come for herself.

Think of just met her in the campus, she looked at her proud look, no wonder at that time she a look and see attitude, it turned out, she had long wanted to revenge themselves.

Of course, I have no deep hatred with Yang Lu.

And want to revenge themselves, is Yang Xue?

Yes, when Han fei'er went to Yanjing, she once told herself that Yang Xue was very different now.

And Yang Xue, because she couldn't stand humiliation, warned herself fiercely that she would retaliate sooner or later!

To tell you the truth, I was ashamed to let Yang Xue drop out of school because of the poor handling of the matter.

Although the heart has shame, but Yang Xue, you want to revenge, revenge yourself, why even with their own good Yang Hui Li Bin also not let go?

At this time, Chen Ge received a call.

It's Li Zhenguo.


After Chen Ge was connected, he was stunned again.

After that, I'll see what happened to manager Li

With that, Chen Ge went directly to another hospital.

Zheng Yue was also injured, and Li Feihong's injury was not light, the bridge of his nose was broken.

Li Zhenguo and Zhao Zixing were all present.

But Zheng Yue's face was bruised.

Chen Ge was almost sure it was Yang Xue.

If you remember correctly, Zheng Yue slapped Yang Xue in the face.

Therefore, Yang Xuecai held a grudge and retaliated one by one after he came back.

What did Yang Xue experience?

"Chen Shao!"

Zhao Zixing and Li Zhenguo immediately came up to say hello.

Looking at Li Feihong's haggard face, Chen Ge is also extremely surprised.

Because Li Feihong is absolutely able to fight, and there are many people under him, but in this way, he was beaten into the hospital.

How can we not be surprised.

Li Feihong is inconvenient to speak.

Li Zhenguo told Chen Ge the details.

"Chen Shao, it's almost certain that it was made by the dragon family in Yanjing!"

Li Zhenguo said.

"Yanjing dragon house?"

This Chen song has been heard. Qin Ya seems to have told herself that it is the yanjinglong family who forced her to marry?

But what is the relationship between the dragon family and the sister Yang Xue?

"Have you ever asked them what they want to do?" Chen gedao.

"Yes, but the dragon family doesn't admit these things!"

Li Zhenguo said.

Now the most important thing is to see Yang Xue and make it clear to her.

"You take care of them and my two buddies. I'll take care of it."

Chen gedao.

Since it was the fire that I had burned, I had to put it out by myself.

Chen Ge is not afraid of the dragon family.

To tell you the truth, if you are really in a hurry, you can mobilize the maximum energy of the family. Even if the Yanjing dragon family is very strong, he will surely be able to burn both jade and stone.

However, in the final analysis, it was her original cruelty to Yang Xue that made her psychological distortion.

What else can we do now?

Just find her!

Chen Ge went downstairs.

I called Han fei'er and asked her for Yang Xue's telephone number.

"Ah? Chen Ge, I don't know. How did you remember to call me? Hum, I thought Doodle! DoodleHan Fei Er over there has not spoken, Chen Ge hung up the phone.

Hanfil didn't. It seems that only one person has it.

That's Yang Lu.

Now, Chen Ge drove directly back to school.

And directly rushed to the girls' dormitory, where Yang Lu lives, Chen Ge as long as a big listen can also be heard.

He rushed into the third floor.

The dorm aunt wanted to stop her, but when she saw the car that Chen Ge was driving, she knew that Chen Ge was very valuable and did not dare to move.


A sound.

Chen Ge kicked the girls' dormitory door open.

"Who? Ah

Suddenly, there are girls shouting in the corridor. In the dormitory, several of Yang Lu's roommates also cover their chest and shout.

They were obviously scared.

"Sleeping trough, wolf, get out of here!"

The girls are afraid to be a group.

Yang Lu is smoking on the balcony at the moment.

Seeing Chen Ge come to find herself in anger, Yang Lu obviously knows what is going on.

At the moment, I smoked a cigarette and looked at Chen Ge lightly.

"Where is your sister?"

Chen Ge asked.

"Why should I tell you?"

"If she comes back, I'll see her!"

Chen gedao.

"Why should I see you?" my sister said. She didn't want to see you

Yang Ludao.

"Don't push me! My friends, are you the one who takes the fight

Chen Ge pinched Yang Lu's wrist, which made her suddenly show her teeth.

"You, you, you, listen to me first!"

Yang Lu broke away from Chen Ge, shook his wrist and said, "I know, you are very puzzled about some things now. Are you thinking, when do I and my sister have such great ability?"

"Well, since you have rushed directly into our girls' dormitory today, I can tell you something. You can talk with me downstairs!"

Yang Ludao.

Yang Lu has been taking Chen Ge to a small park.

That's it.

"Chen Ge, I didn't know your real identity until yesterday. Hum, you are so fierce. It's Chen Shao in Jinling. No wonder my sister has been hurt so much. However, you don't think you are more cruel than my sister. What have we done to you? It's just a lesson to your friends to make you sad, but what about my sister? "

"Do you know that you almost killed her and made me almost have no sister?"

"Me? I nearly killed her? "

Chen Ge was stunned and immediately asked in disbelief. , the fastest update of the webnovel!
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