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Chapter 180

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"This jade bracelet, it looks not simple. It's broken into three pieces, tut tut..."

"It seems to be Hotan Ziyu, which is more than 50000 yuan. Unfortunately, this little girl is so rude. With this backhand push, at least fifty or sixty thousand yuan will be pushed out."

"There's another one. I don't know what happened to that piece!"

Many people are looking at Li Shihan with some interest.

And the female receptionist's brain is also muddled, do not care to apologize with Chen Ge, quickly open another package.

With the opening of the packing box, the exclamations around him rang instantly.

"Crouching trough, longyunyu, this is longyunyu. It is said that this kind of jade is as expensive as a dragon shaped cloud as long as you look at it carefully."

"I know, this is one of the top brands in this shop. It's all made by the master himself, and the price is about 200000!"

"It's OK. It hasn't been broken. Otherwise, how much money will I have to pay for it?"

"What is not broken? Longyunyu needs to identify the jade color inside. Once the jade color is shaken and disordered, it will not become a dragon. It is better to break it!"

Some people who know how to do it exclaim.

"Who are you buying so many good jade bracelets?"

Just now that big boss also surprised way.

"What's going on!"

Just then, the young manager in the shop rushed out and it was obvious that someone had reported to him.

A look at the scene, two jade bracelets fell on the ground, don't mention more panic.

"What are you doing here? Don't you take it to the master to make sure whether the dragon shaped jade is damaged?"

"Ah? I'll go now! This one... "

"You're not going yet!"

The manager said in a hurry.

The receptionist did not have time to apologize to Chen Ge, so she quickly went to identify.

"This young lady, you wait a moment, the appraisal result will come out later, we are talking about the compensation matter!"

The manager said to Li Shihan coldly at the moment.

"Ah? Brother, I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to. I was just a backhand... "

As soon as Li Shihan heard that these two jade bracelets were so expensive, his legs almost softened.

"I know you didn't mean to. You can call your home later. Of course, you can also call your home. If long Yunyu is not damaged, you only need to compensate for Kawabata's jade bracelet!"

Said the manager.

Chen Ge didn't say anything.

These two jade bracelets, of course, were purchased by ourselves.

But now, Chen Ge is very angry and sad.

Just now I tried to persuade Li Shihan, but she didn't even treat herself as a human being.

Where there is a little bit of that sentiment in the past.

Otherwise, if you break these two jade bracelets, Chen Ge won't say anything, right?

But now, Chen Ge will not say anything.

He looked at Li Shihan quietly.

"Damn it, you two are to blame. It's really bloody to meet you two!"

Li Shihan cried while scolding, but also took out his mobile phone to make a phone call.

Of course, she didn't dare to beat her family. If her parents knew about it, they couldn't kill her.

So they called Ding Hao and Chen Lin.

The next thing is to wait for the result.

Li Shihan clenches his fist and stares at Chen Ge and Ma Fei.

I want you both to look good sooner or later.

Soon, Ding Hao and Chen Lin came.

I was very angry when I heard about it.

In particular, Li Shihan was beaten.

"Who called?"

Ding Hao asked boldly.

"That horse flies!"

Li Shihan also had a lot of hard work.

Although he didn't succeed with Li Shihan, Ding Hao kept this ambiguous relationship with Li Shihan and Chen Lin.

The so-called love enemy meet, especially envious.

Ding Hao picked up a vase directly from the side and smashed it towards Ma Fei.

Bang, it's straight to the head.

As for Ma Fei, because the jade bracelet was broken, he was scared to be a little silly. He didn't expect Ding Hao to smash himself and lay down on the ground with his head covered with blood.

"Shit, dare to provoke me, Ding Hao, and kill you!"

Fortunately, he was stopped by the manager and stopped. Ma Fei was helped to the hospital by several kind people.

"Crouch, Chen Ge, why are you here?"

Chen Lin saw Chen Ge standing on one side at this time.

"Chen Lin, you also said that if it wasn't for this loser, I wouldn't have broken 50000 hotanzi jade and 200000 long Yunyu!"

Li Shihan looked disgusted.

"What? More than 200000... "

Ding Hao is also stupid. Just now he called, Li Shihan just said that he had an accident in Taihe gold shop. He didn't say anything specific.

Now, of course, I was a little confused.Chen Lin is also nervous.

Directly scold Chen Ge:

"Chen Ge, are you stupid? What's the matter with you that Shihan is beaten? Do you need a fight? You're full, aren't you? What do you say about this? Do you pay the compensation? "

Chen Lin pointed to Chen GE's nose and scolded.

"I bought two mobile phones. It's amazing! It's disgusting! "

"Oh, Chen Lin, don't worry about this person. Ding Hao, help me figure out how to do with the money."

Chen Ge was hated by these two people's harsh words.

I don't know how to refute them.

Chen Ge is very sad in the heart, only three years did not contact, the feelings are so weak!

"Come out, come out!"

The receptionist came running excitedly.

Ding Hao and Li Shihan immediately opened their eyes in surprise.

"Fortunately, long Yunyu is in good condition. They only need to pay for hetianzi jade, 50000 yuan!"

Said the receptionist.

"My God!"

After hearing this, Li Shihan's heart finally fell and almost fainted on the ground. After all, he was too nervous just now.

But now the problem is.

Fifty thousand yuan is not small money. What can I do?

"Ding Hao, Chen Lin, how many more do you have? Help me

Li Shihan cried again.

"I have more than 30000 left here. How about you, Chen Lin?"

"I still have five thousand dollars!" Chen Lin said.

"I have more than 5000 left here, but this is only 40000, and there is still a gap of 10000!"

Li Shihan jumped to his feet in a hurry.

"It's OK. I'll call my dad! Give him ten thousand

Ding Hao is also very painful, but so many people look at him and say that he has no money is not face less.

Three people called by the side of the store.

"Dad, just ten thousand, and give me another ten thousand. Isn't another batch of demolition money coming down these days! I'm really in a hurry to spend money now, OK, OK! "

Ding Hao hung up here.

Just listen to the jingle of wechat.

The money has come.

"Well, that's enough now!"

Ding Hao laughed.

Don't mention Li Shihan's worship of Ding Hao now. As long as Ding Hao is there, he will have a sense of security.

Even Li Shihan has made up his mind that Ding Hao will not marry in this life.

And Chen Lin, seeing that Ding Hao spent 40000 yuan on Li Shih's letter, was not very enthusiastic.

Girls, it's hard to avoid jealousy when they see such excellent boys.

"By the way, boss, I need this broken jade bracelet. I can still wear it after mending it! Wrap it up for me and I'll take it away! "

Ding Hao took his mobile phone and said to the manager.

"Ha ha, OK!"

The manager also shook his head with a wry smile.

Ding Hao and they took the broken jade bracelet and checked whether it could be mended.

Just then, the receptionist came back with two beautiful boxes.

"Mr. Chen, I'm really sorry to have kept you waiting so long. Now the two jade bracelets are packed!"

Respectfully came to Chen Ge and said.

Chen Ge nodded: "trouble!"

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