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Chapter 78

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Ning fan!

After Chen Ge enlarges and customizes the picture, the person shown in the photo is Ning fan of Ning family.

Because this Ning fan no matter how camouflage, his mouth often with that smile, but also cheat Chen Ge.

At the beginning, Ning fan can be said to be the direct promoter of Chen GE's breakup with Yang Xue.

Moreover, at first Ma Xiaonan's birthday party, and then went to Emperor KTV, he was targeted by Ning fan. In his anger, he called Li Zhenguo and asked him to teach Ning fan a lesson.

As a result, this matter was known by his sister. In the end, where was the lesson, he directly bankrupted the whole Ning family.

Finally, Ning fan is taken away at the gate of the hot spring villa.

From then on, the Ning family was destroyed and the Ming emperor restaurant was handed over. Now it is managed by the banker.

Ning fan can be said to be overnight, from the rich second generation to the poor.

And he didn't know what was going on, and it was like this.

But now Why does Ning fan kidnap Su Muhan?

Chen Ge was surprised.

Just for kidnapping? To extort money?

It doesn't look like it.

Obviously, he said something to Su Muhan and convinced him. Su Muhan finally got on his car.

And Chen Ge also noticed a detail.

That is Ning fan's eyes, in the communication with Su Muhan, keep looking at the direction of their departure.

It's like worrying about coming back suddenly.

So, is Ning fan premeditated? And it's a kidnapping for yourself?

If Ning fan later learned that it was because of himself that his family was destroyed and his revenge against himself would make sense.

But in any case, Chen Ge is almost certain that Su Muhan is very dangerous, very dangerous!

Chen Ge is thinking hard about countermeasures.

At this time, Chen GE's mobile phone rang.

It's a strange number.

Immediately, Chen Ge immediately connected:

"ha ha, Chen Ge, oh, no, I should call you Chen Shao. Do you still remember me?"

There came a voice of indifference and complacency.

"Ning fan, it's really you!"

As soon as Chen Ge heard the sound, he recognized it immediately.

"Yes, I didn't expect that I could still be remembered by a young man like you. Ha ha, it's really a drama, Chen Ge. Before, everyone thought you were a poor man, but? You are rich and young, and you are the owner of Jinling commercial street. I think my father is Niu, but he is just a man who works for you! If I had not heard him calling you secretly when I wanted to revenge Li Zhenguo later, I would never have thought that you would have killed my family in a word! "

"But Chen Shao, since you are so rich, why should you care so much about me? Yes, I let Lu Yang soak up your girlfriend. It's wrong of me, but you have ruined my family and left me with nothing! You are too cruel

Chen Ge light way: "in fact, at the beginning, I also feel some cruel, but now, I feel not cruel!"

"Ning fan, no matter what, this is the gratitude and resentment between you and me. Mu Han is innocent. You let her go and I will see you in the past! No matter what the conditions are, I promise you

"Hum, Chen Ge, you have a big voice! I did come for you, originally, I wanted to drive with you to die together, but I think, that is too boring! Ha ha, what's more, I have such a beautiful woman beside me now. It's really worth it! Chen Ge, is she your girlfriend? Come on, listen to her voice? "

"Chen Ge, you must not come, he is a madman!"

"Don't come! Wuwuwu... "

The voice of Su Muhan's crying came over.

Chen Ge was nervous.

Although he and Su Muhan are fake male and female friends, Su Muhan comes out with himself.

Moreover, Ning fan is in order to revenge himself, just kidnap Su Muhan.

All in all, it's because of myself.

"When you want to see my girlfriend, I don't want to contact my girlfriend! Come and see me in an hour


Ning fan hung up the phone.

Chen Ge is a little pale.

It seems that as he guessed, his identity leaked, causing Ning fan's attention, and then the psychological has been abnormal, he launched revenge against himself.

I'm sure this guy can do anything right now.

However, it is certainly not enough to rely on one's own strength.

In this case, we have to find Li Zhenguo and let him think of a way.

Then, Chen Ge called directly to talk about it. Naturally, Li Zhenguo attached great importance to it.

In addition, he told him to wait until he arrived.Let Chen Ge never act rashly. Today, if Chen Ge loses a hair.

Then Li Zhenguo can resign, no, he can die!

But Chen Ge did not wait for him to finish, then hung up the phone.

In a hurry, he went back to the 4S store with Wang Qiang and told him to wait for Li Zhenguo to come here.

He has to go first.

"Oh! Isn't this Chen Ge? "

"I'll go. It's really him! What did he come to Lamborghini for? "

"It's said that the store is going to recruit a sales representative. This product is not a candidate, is it? Doesn't he know that the store is very demanding on the temperament of sales representatives? "

"Yes, look at him. Even if he won some lottery tickets, he is also a poor and forced temperament. It is disgusting to see him! Disgusting

I didn't expect Chen Gegang to come in.

A series of sarcastic voices fell into my ears.

Chen GE's mood is very complicated now, just a glance.

It's Zhuang Qiang. He and his classmate Li Hao are looking at the car with a beautiful girlfriend.

The most important thing is that Li Nian and Zheng Qianqian of their own department are with them.

"Ha ha, it's true that Cao Cao is coming. Cousin, just now you told me that Chen Ge made you in a bad mood. You told me that he was the man. I have to tell you his story well! "

Li Nian said to Li Hao with a smile.

"That is, don't say cousin you, say, some time ago I was fascinated by this Chen Song!"

Zheng Qianqian is now with Li Nian, and through Li Nian, he knows Li Hao and naturally gets to know Zhuang Qiang.

There is more than a little bit of this vision.

Some time ago, when I had dinner with Wang Yang, I knew that Chen Ge was rich.

Really, Zheng Qianqian was moved, took the initiative to make friends, and was about to take Chen Ge to open a room.

As a result, Chen GE's love was ignored and Zheng Qianqian was decadent for a long time.

Until later, when Li Nian invited a party, Zheng Qianqian met Li Hao and Zhuang Shao, as if opening up a new world.

In fact, is this the real rich second generation?

As for the Chen song that won the lottery, it's just like a bully. It's disgusting!

Looking at Chen Leng Ge.

At the moment, he said, "maybe he has spent almost all his money. He is eager to find a job. Hehe, don't worry about him. Let's continue to talk about this RAVENTON."

After that, they gathered around the Lamborghini, which had just been repaired and perfected, next to RAVENTON, and carefully tasted it.

However, Chen Ge is nervous at the moment, Su Muhan, where to take care of them.

There was no time to pay attention to their sarcasm.


Two rings.

Chen Ge pushed Zheng Qianqian away from the door and got into the car directly.

After the launch, they darted out of the 4S store like an arrow.

Zhuang Qiang was stupid, and Zheng Qianqian was just about to open his mouth and scold him.

In a word, all six of them stood silly.

Chen Ge, did you just drive away? Is this Chen GE's car?


How can it be!!!

Zheng Qianqian felt that he was slapped in the face in public: "look, that man stole the car!"

Zheng Qianqian shouts.

"Immediately order to go down, today our shop door is closed, the staff who have worked for less than five years are all on holiday, and they will be cleaned up immediately. Later, several important subordinates of Chen Shao will be here!"

Wang Qiang is also lazy to pay attention to Zheng Qianqian and Zhuang Qiang, but eager to say to the secretary.

The secretary did it at once.

And Zhuang Qiang, they are still standing in a stupidly unknown reason.


All of a sudden, there were bursts of emergency braking outside the door.

More than a dozen labor force Les mirage stopped at the door of the 4S store.

Then, Li Zhenguo trotted out of the car and went straight into the store , the fastest update of the webnovel!
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