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Chapter 75

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Just as you and I keep talking.

Tang ran received a call.

"What sister? Have you arrived at the airport? You don't say you can't come back to grandma's birthday? Ah! Good, good, I'll pick you up at once

After putting down the phone, Tang ran said: "grandma, my sister will come later. She specially came back from m country. Now they are all in the airport."

"Good, little Chu, I knew she would come back..." The old lady immediately said with a smile: "then let Muyang, Muyang, you drive to pick up Xiao Chu! You go alone. I have to ask Du Qing to stay with me. "

"Good grandma!"

Su Muyang smiles, and then waves the key of BMW sports car in his hand and leaves directly.

Su Muhan looks a little gloomy.

Tang Ran's sister is Tang Chu.

From childhood to adulthood, Su Muhan had the best relationship with their sisters.

Grandma knows that, too.

According to the truth, grandma should say that she should follow her, but she should let Su Muyang go alone.

At this time, grandma was a little unhappy with herself.

With Su Muyang's departure.

People's topic falls on Chen Ge again.

Yes, no one expected Chen Ge to be such a loser.

As Su Muhan's boyfriend. Naturally, the topic should be high.

For these, Chen Ge just listened quietly.

Other people's slander, ridicule, Chen Ge in the heart quite angry.

But after all, it is for Su Muhan's face.

Chen Ge can't bear to breathe.

All of a sudden.

Du Qing's mobile phone rings.

"It's from brother Yang! Maybe you want me to be with you, grandma

Du Qing smiles, after connecting.

Mm-hmm, his face turned pale.

"Grandma, no good, brother Yang, he crashed!"


"Just now when he was backing up from the garage, he accidentally bumped into a car!"

"Oh, I thought it was a big deal. Is Muyang's car OK?" Asked the old lady.

"It's no big deal. If there's no big problem with brother Yang's car, let him pick up his big cousin first. I'll help him deal with the rest."

Su Qi said with a bitter smile at this time.

What's so hard about this kind of thing?

"Brother Yang, you go first, Su Qi said he helped you deal with it! what? Good, good

Du Qing then hung up the phone and looked at Su Muyang's father and said, "brother Yang said he didn't dare to leave the car for half a step, and asked Uncle you to hurry over and have a look. He may have made a big accident!"

"Hiss? What's the situation? "

There was a light cry.

Because of curiosity, they all followed.

Including the old lady.

Su Muyang is usually very stable, if it is a general thing, he will not be like this.

"Chen Ge, let's go too!"

Su Mu Han asked.

Chen Ge nods and smiles.

By the time Chen Ge passed by, the whole Su family was already surrounded here.

Su Muyang was explaining:

"Dad, I didn't mean to. I relied on this security guard. He kept making me fall down, and there was a crash!"

"This car is the most expensive one in Lamborghini. This collision will cost at least 700000 yuan, because the front lights are damaged!"

Some relatives and friends recognized the car and exclaimed.

"The identity of the driver of this car must not be simple, and he can afford to pay for 700000 yuan. However, he may offend this big man. You see, this is a new car that he has just bought!"

"Think about it, Jinling, who can drive this kind of sports car

People, you and I discussed each other.

Chen Ge is listening outside, in the heart is already very nervous.

Damn it. My own car is parked in this position. It should not crash. Is it RAVENTON?

Squeeze in a look, Chen Ge almost cried.

It's really my car.

The car body is OK. I was hit like this and I scratched some scratches. The main thing is that my right front lamp was smashed!

A right front lamp is neither expensive nor cheap. With these scratches, it is about 1.8 million.

But as someone said, this is my new car.

The old lady was also very anxious: "Muyang, why are you so careless? This security guard is obviously a stuttering, which you can't hear. Now, we have to get into a small million, but also may offend a big and small one!"

"Brother Yang, grandma! This time we may have made a mistake. The owner of the car, we can't afford to offend him! "Du Qing pulled lasu Muyang's hand.

She knows the point.

"Du Qing, why do you say that? Do you know whose car it is? " Asked the old lady.

"Mm-hmm!" Du Qing nodded heavily. "Just now I sent the photo of this car to the employees of our company, because some employees in our store used to work there in Rambo. He said in the group that the car was sold a few days ago and the transaction price was 18 million yuan. It's said that on the day of buying a car, the manager of the shop followed him and attached great importance to it. Even the manager was somewhat humble! "

"Besides, do you know who is the manager of the Lamborghini Jinling area? It's Wang Qiang! "

Du Qing also said with great respect.

"It's really Mr. Wang Qiang. Even he is so respectful to this big and young car buyer?"

"The reason why manager Wang Qiang can get along in Jinling is because of his contacts and excellent strength."

This made the old lady even more nervous.

"Well, let's get out of here, or we'll be in trouble when the young man comes." The old lady said in a panic.

She is the most involved in the world, but she clearly knows what kind of consequences it is to offend the big family. She will move her whole body with one hair!

"Grandma, never leave! It's all monitored now! "

Su Ying and Tang ran are all persuasive.

To tell you the truth, Su Ying's eyes did not leave the luxury car for a moment. She even fantasized about how she sat in the luxury car.

If only my boyfriend Li Jiannan could have this car!

But it will never be possible.

As for Tang ran, she is now thinking more excessively, that is, she wants to wait for the owner of the car to come.

The 20 million luxury cars show that this man is a powerful family.

Does this mean that I have been one step closer to my expectation?

Even if we wait for the meeting to have a half point intersection with that big and little, it is also a great progress!

"Well, find someone to pick up Xiao Chu first! Xiaoying and Xiaoran are right. We can't go. If we don't, we'll be fine. If we leave, we'll be in real trouble! "

The old lady said seriously. She felt like she was getting old.

"Grandma, I want to pick it up, but I dare not go!" Su Muyang swallowed his saliva.

"Nothing, you go to pick it up first, grandma, you also go back to continue the birthday party, this car, hit also hit, nothing is wrong!"

Just then, a voice was heard behind the crowd.

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